Laundry is strung between the sign for The Burn Center and a tree. The burn center was funded by the U.S. Army

A sign explaining the "Rule of the nine of Wallace" is taped to a wall over a washing table. The Wallace rule of nines is used in emergency medicine to estimate the total body surface area affected by a burn.

An Afghan woman lays on a gurney in the burn ward in Herat Afghanistan and waits for treatment.

A nurse prepares a solution of Silver Sulfadiazine, a topical ointment used to treat and prevent infections in burn patients.

A nurse holds the chart of a severe burn case. The victim, Gulpari, had burns to over 70% of her body.

A nurse stands over a supply cart and prepares treatments for patients in the burn ward in Herat Afghanistan.

Gulpari,19, from ghoryian district in Herat province recieves treatment for burns to over 70%. Doctors in the ward suspect this was a suicide attempt but family denies it.

Used and discarded gauze from the burn ward.

A room without patients. Though reported cases of self immolation have decreased, administrators and doctors at the hospital in Herat believe that this because patients are not being brought to the hospital for a number of reasons.

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