Police officers on checkpoint duty in Kabul Afghanistan on 15 February 2017. The officers were inspecting vehicles entering the diplomatic area of Kabul.  There are checkpoints scattered throughout the city on many of the roads. The offiers look for "suspicious" vehicles and preform basic searches.

Police officers scan the horizon inside of an armored vehicle during a mounted patrol in Wardak province on 21 February 2017. Wardak province shares a border with Kabul province and is considered a Taliban contested area.  The government maintains control of the main road and reports that they take fire from the villages along the route.

A police officer scans the horizon in Wardak province from his turret on 21 February 2017. Wardak province shares an border with Kabul province and is considered to be contested territory. Police patrol on what are considered frontlines and are tasked with both policing and counter terrorism operations. They are typically the first to become engaged in firefights with terrorists and are frequently targeted.

A police officer stops a "suspicious" person while on footpatrol in Police District 6, Kabul Afghanistan on 28 February 2017. During the patrol officers informed us that the main issue was petty crime in their district and not terrorism. The following day the Taliban would attack their police station and the neighboring military installation killing at least 16 including their chief of investigations.

Prisoners sit huddled together and handcuffed during a press briefing on 13 February 2017 at the Ministry of Interior headquarters in Kabul Afghanistan. These prisoners were charged a variety of crimes from smuggling to being in possesion of high explosives.

Lieutenant General Abdul Rahman former police chief for Kabul sits in his office and describes the changing security situation. Following the Taliban attack on 1 March 2017 Lt. Gen Rahman was reassigned to another province.

Police officer patrol at night, often setting up check points and searching vehicles. 

A makeshift checkpoint at night. Despite the police presence, a fruit vendor decided to set up his cart right next to them.

Members of the Crisis Response Unit rush to their Humvees during a drill on 21 February 2017. CRU's are known as the Police special forces and responded to complex terror attacks. The units have been trained by foreign forces and some of the members wear insignias of the countries that have trained them.

A woman walks passed the police baracade and towards the military and police instalations that were under attack on 1 March 2017.  The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack that left at least 16 dead. The attack marked the start of their spring offensive.

A shop keeper inspects the damage to his business as a police officer tries to cordon off an area on 1 March 2017. 

A baker clears away shards of glass from his window on 1 March 2017 in Kabul Afghanistan. The initial explosion during the Taliban attack that left at least 16 dead. Glass shattered in shops and homes that were within several hundred meters of the initial explosion. The explosion was heard around the city.

Mohammad Asghar Asgharzadeh (Right) stands over the grave of his brother, Akbar Akhtari, who was killed by the Taliban during the complex attack on the Police District 6 station and the neighboring military facility. Mourners gathered on 3 March 2017 for prayers.

Family members of Akbar Akhtari, who was killed by the Taliban during a complex attack on 1 March 2017, leave his burial site after gathering to morn.

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