Surobi, Afghanistan 2015. Deminers with the United Nations Mine Action Coordination Centre of Afghanistan begin their trek into a minefield. An estimated 589 sq km is contaminated with mines.

 A deminer with the United Nations Mine Action Coordination Center of Afghanistan, UNMACCA, follows a trail that has been cleared so the deminers can walk. The path is about 2 meters wide; either side could be littered with mines.

 A Russian PM-2, anti-personnel. It is unclear who laid this particular mine. However, it is suspected of being a relic of the Soviet-Afghan War.

 A controlled detonation of a landmine causes goats to scatter. Goat herders and children are the most likely to become victims of landmines.

A goathearder takes his flock into the minefield.

The Mine Action Coordination Centre of Afghanistan, MACCA, provides education at the community level for villagers. The courses education them on what to do if they come in contact with explosives.

 A boy in a Mine Risk Education class looks away during a lecture on the different kinds of mines.

Kabul, Afghanistan 2016. Ahmadzia, 8. While walking home from the bazaar Ahmadzia found something shiny on the ground. He and his brother picked it up and threw it around. Ahmadzia decided to smash it. It was a piece of unexploded ordinance. He has lost his right arm, his right eye was destroyed and his body was peppered with shrapnel.

Kabul, Afghanistan 2016. Surgeons in EMERGENCY, an Italian-run hospital, prepare a patient for an operation to remove shrapnel from his bowels and chest. According to the staff he was driving with his family when his van rolled over a mine. It is not clear who planted the mine or why. The patient suffered 40 percent burns to his body, mostly on his back, and was not expected to survive.

Kabul, Afghanistan 2016. This year is shaping up to be a new nadir for civilian casualties, according to staff at Emergency. Taliban infighting, the threat of ISIS, and ongoing counterterrorism operations all continue to put civilian lives at risk.

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